What Tests are Available?

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Food Sensitivity Testing

There is a huge connection between gut function and brain function. Sometimes, as a result of stress or digestive tract infections, the walls of the intestines can become more permeable. This results in the absorption of molecules of food that aren't broken down completely, which the immune system then reacts to. The immune system then reacts by building antibodies to those foods or ingredients, and you now have a "food sensitivity." The lymphocytes also keep a "memory" of those items that it has been sensitized to, so that anytime you are exposed to that substance, the immune system reacts. 

What does that immune reaction feel like? It can take many forms, from bloating or joint pain to brain fog and depression, or reactivation of underlying disease such as Lyme disease or MS. 

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Testing involves a blood draw, usually at the Center, and results are available within a week to 10 days. Cost is $300 including blood draw and an office visit or skype session to review the results.


Lyme Disease Testing

Vibrant Wellness offers the most up-to-date Lyme and coinfection testing available. Blood draws are at my clinic.

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Microscopy for Lyme Disease

In addition to labwork/serology testing, Dr. Matthews has a digital 2500x microscope and two centrifuges, along with slide staining supplies to conduct blood analysis for Borrelia genus of bacteria. With this equipment it is possible to identify spirochete bacteria in blood. This work is based on the following research paper: 


Gut Bacteria Testing

Dr. Matthews now recommends Vibrant America's Gut Zoomer test, which covers gut bacteria as well as yeasts and parasites. This test is now the best for the money if you would like both yeast/parasite information as well as recommendations about what to do after you get results. 

Hormones and HPA Axis

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Intestinal Permeability, aka Leaky Gut

If your intestines were a hallway, there are "doorway molecules" that permit the absorption of specific nutrients. These "doorways" are molecules known as Actin and Zonulin, and we can develop problems with out immune system attacking these cells. Follow the link below for many more details! It is part of the Wheat Zoomer test.