Neural Zoomer is a test that shows me if your immune system is attacking your brain and nervous system. Neural Zoomer is an array of neurological proteins which offers very specific antibody-to-antigen recognition. Neural Zoomer is designed to assess an individual’s reactivity to neurological antigens.

The Neural Zoomer has optional additional genetic testing for the ApoE genotype, which has been shown to influence risk of certain neurological conditions. There are three different versions (alleles) of the ApoE gene; 2, 3, and 4. You inherit one copy from each of your parents, therefore can have any combination of two of those alleles.

The intended use of Neural Zoomer is to motivate that the user to improve lifestyle choices to enhance health outcomes. For chronic diseases or conditions associated with the nervous system, it is well understood that proper lifestyle choices may help improve quality of life and reduce symptom risk.

Neural Zoomer test for autoimmune nervous system reactions