GI Benefits is a powdered supplement with ingredients to both soothe the upper digestive tract and feed the beneficial gut bacteria in the lower digestive tract. It incorporates many of the supplements that I recommend, including DGL which soothes/heals the lower esophagus and stomach (important for active or silent reflux, which can cause lung and throat problems as well as chronic sinus congestion!) Arabinogalactan which is a prebiotic fiber to feed gut bacteria, and several other ingredients like Aloe needed to heal the GI tract. While this is usually in stock, you can order direct from DaVinci Labs by clicking on this link:  and setting up your account there. If you haven't yet, it's easy: put items in your cart, then at checkout it will ask if you're a provider or patient; click 'patient' then select Maine (ME) as your state, and choose my clinic "Center for Integrative Chiropractic Neurology". After that, it's about done! Link to more info on this product:

GI Benefits