Lyme Disease Care

    How can Dr. Matthews help you fight Lyme?

1. Lyme testing through Vibrant Wellness, with onsite blood draws and a variety of testing options. Learn more by clicking here

2. Herbal and nutritional support for those preferring a natural approach, want to integrate natural and medical approaches, or those patients who have completed antibiotic therapy and are still symptomatic. See products available in the store!

3. Gut bacteria analysis and optimization: Patients send a stool sample for DNA sequencing to identify all bacteria. Dr. Matthews researches the results and makes personalized recommendations to improve the microbiome, the immune system, and the patient's ability to recover from Lyme. More about gut bacteria here

4. Chiropractic Neurology to provide a functional approach for neurologic problems and symptoms 

5. Integration with your other health care providers to provide a team approach to your health

6. To understand more about Lyme infection and natural approaches, here's a video I created. Make yourself a strong cup of coffee (it's very detailed) and have a look: