All About Gut Bacteria

Dr. Matthews wrote a book about gut bacteria, which is titled The Symbiont Factor. It's available on Amazon here or by clicking on the image of its title to the right. A "symbiont" is an organism that lives in a (usually) mutually beneficial relationship with another.

The Symbiont Factor explains how our gut bacteria have evolved to become essential to healthy normal function. These organisms influence our brain, neurotransmitters, immune function, mood, metabolism and more! 

     Dr. Matthews uses the concepts introduced in The Symbiont Factor to help his patients, by having patients send in a stool sample to a lab which does a DNA sequencing to identify all of the bacteria present. Dr. Matthews then uses that data to research the organisms and see what beneficial symbionts are deficient or missing, what are the ideal probiotics to help correct this, as well as how to change dietary patterns or use prebiotics/postbiotics to rebuild the microbiome.

This type of work can have profound impact on your health, and can be a very useful tool to get back to better function! 

      The best, most up to date, fast and informative test available is the Gut Zoomer test from Vibrant Wellness. It's the one I recommend doing, and is done with a stool sample the patient sends to the lab. The Gut Zoomer results take about 10 days to get.