Fees: What does it Cost?

Service                                                  Cost
First Visit                                                                                       $150-$200
Your first cost varies depending on the amount of time needed to properly perform an examination and talk to you enough to determine what is wrong and what the best course of action is. This is typically very interactive; patients are encouraged to share their concerns, explain their symptoms, and ask any questions that they can think of. This isn't your typical "doctor walks in the door and says a few things then leaves" kind of visit. The type of examination will be specific to what you're experiencing and follows a logical systems-based approach to problem solving. It would be accurate to say that no two first visits are alike! After your first visit, Dr. Matthews will write a report that explains what his impressions were/what he thinks is wrong, and what is recommended as an intervention. Typically he prefers to also train the patient to perform some at-home exercises, interventions, or other self-care to achieve better results. Patients are encouraged to ask questions after reading their first visit report. In general, Dr. Matthews prefers to answer questions via email or phone, rather than scheduling an entire visit just to answer a question. Because some questions require a hands-on/demonstration answer, of course some questions do require another visit to answer. These are usually just answered during the next therapeutic visit.
Chiropractic Visit                                                                              $50
This is a visit for Chiropractic services only; spinal manipulation for subluxations to improve neck and back function typically. This is usually 15-30 minutes in length.
Chiropractic Neurology Visit                                                               $75
This is a visit for Chiropractic Neurology interventions. This visit level typically begins with a brief review of symptoms/situation, then some hands-on functional neurology tests such as eye movement/optokinetics or equilibrium testing (or other tests, these are just examples) followed by functional neurology interventions/treatment, and brief retest to see what's better, or not. This visit is usually 30-45 minutes in length.
After Hours/Weekends visits                                                              $100
DOT Physical                                                                                          $75
Dr. Matthews is a medical examiner for FMCSA, and offers physicals for commercial drivers to get their medical card. The majority of these cost $75; if there are other problems such as if the driver is diabetic, it may be necessary to get additional records, complete additional forms, and this may cost...a little additional money.
Skype or Phone consult                                  $75/30 minutes, $100 for an hour                                                                 
Dr. Matthews offers consultation via video conferencing or phone. Email him at doc@neurodoc4u.com for more information
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