About Chiropractic Neurology: What is it and why do you need it?

 A Chiropractic Neurologist specializes in functional neurology and not 
structural neurology. A brain tumor would be an example of a structural problem; 
ADHD or migraines are examples of functional problems. As a functional 
neurologist, Dr. Matthews conducts a consultation and examination with the 
intention of discovering the patient's "central integrative state". This is a phrase 
we use to define how healthy and functional the brain and nervous system are. If 
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Concepts evaluated to help a patient include:

-Neurologic fatigue. Even if your nerves in part of your brain function, is the 
function sustainable or does it degrade over a brief time?

-Oxidative Stress: Is your brain and body suffering from metabolic challenges 
such as oxidative stress? This is a common factor in many disease conditions 
from autism to fibromyalgia, and even Parkinson's and Alzheimers.

-Neurodegenerative disease development and progression. Very often, even if a 
person is diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease such as a movement 
disorder, there are variables that can be worked with to slow its progression and 
improve quality of life.

-Fuel supply status; does your brain "run out of fuel". This is key to preventing 
oxidative stress and degeneration!

-Afferent stimulation, or how well the body and senses keep the brain stimulated 
and healthy. Sometimes this means stretching or massaging a muscle, 
sometimes it may mean a Chiropractic adjustment of the spine is needed. Dr. 
Matthews works with other Chiropractors in the local Ellsworth Maine region (or 
wherever you are located) to have the Chiropractors provide the adjustments in 
many cases.

-Inflammatory status; how inflamed is your brain and body? There are many clues 
about this, including how clearly you can think, how happy are your moods, and 
how much do you hurt.

-Autoimmune status; Is your immune system attacking your brain or joints? This 
could be seen as inflammation but much worse!

In addition, Dr. Matthews researched, wrote and published a book titled "The 
Symbiont Factor" which uses the current research to explain the role of our gut 
bacteria symbionts in health and disease as well as mood and personality. Many 
of the concepts written about in the book are clinically significant and useful.

Elements from The Symbiont Factor that are utilized include:

-Evaluation of gut bacteria populations-a "bacterial census" to determine if your 
gut bacteria could be imbalanced and causing some or all of your problem.

-Evaluation of diet and lifestyle, which when combined with a gut bacterial 
census, is used for:

-Nutritional and lifestyle recommendations

-Nutritional supplements and probiotics matched specifically to your own 
microbiome and health problems!

Chiropractic Neurologists must complete an undergraduate degree, then chiropractic school (which is 4 years and 4000 plus hours) and then complete at least 300 hours of postdoctoral study in neurology and pass the Chiropractic Neurology board exam to become board certified by the American Chiropractic Neurology Board. 30 hours of continuing education are required each year after that.